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Katie and the Blankie weaves a delightful story around how hard it is for little ones to manage changes in their young lives.

In this latest book, author Jen Fitzgibbon shares with readers how Katie copes when asked to leave her Blankie at home.

The book again features beautiful illustrations by the talented Rachel Tribout, and a fabulous seek and find page to enjoy!

"I do get a bit upset when Mummy tells me that blankie cant go with me to play group, and that I need to be a big brave girl.... how do you think I will handle it?"

katie's cover image
katie standing up

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"Hi, My name Is Katie and I am always asking questions and learning new things."

Mummy says that I have a cheeky smile, and everyone likes my pigtails. I have all sorts of adventures that create different emotions, and I hope to share many stories with you all!

Katie and the Red Rubber Ball

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