About Jen

Jen works with talented illustrators to create children's picture and story books with captivating, enchanting and magical stories.

Jen was one of those children who always read past her bedtime. She is Tasmanian born and bred, and was privileged enough to have grown up in a home where the love of reading was encouraged and nurtured.

She strongly believed that Timmy the dog was a real character, that Chinky the pixie could really fly in the Wishing Chair, and that the girls at Mallory Towers could be bullies as well as good friends.

In her spare time, she devours books, mainly from authors who paint descriptive pictures and create emotions within the characters and storylines.


For The Love Of Reading is owned by Tasmanian author Jen Fitzgibbon. 

Jen works with talented illustrators to create childrens' picture books and captivating, enchanting magical stories.

"From my childhood, the wonderful Enid Blyton was always an idol who took me to magical places, and confirmed my belief that there are fairies at the bottom of the garden".
- Jen Fitzgibbon
front on photo of Jen Fitzgibbon